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Gold Advocacy | Special Education Attorney

Gold Advocacy is a special education law practice focused on helping parents get better educational resources for their children. Laura wanted a new website that would help her generate clients off the internet, but she also wanted to make sure that the new site still felt like her own. She wanted site visitors to feel comfortable, secure, and welcome, and also happened to really like her existing color scheme. We made it all work, and the results speak for themselves.

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Scaler Marketing has been my savior. My previous website was having major issues and I was not getting the referrals I usually do.  In fact, there was silence. I worked with Nathan to create a much more user friendly and secure site and I have gotten more referrals than ever.  He showed me how to create a website to reflect my message.  It worked and I am forever grateful.  He takes time to explain everything to me and share his thoughts and opinions and is always focusing me on what needs to get done to create what I need to keep my business going.  Thank you, Nathan and Scaler Marketing.  You are greatly appreciated!

Laura Gold
Special Education Attorney

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