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RedShiftBio wanted to demonstrate to new potential clients that they are not just another temporary startup but an established company with a product that is worth its price, here for the long haul and able to provide the level of customer service that clients expect. To accomplish this we improved their overall brand identity, including some digital renderings to help get viewers excited about their products, and built them a cleaner, more organized and easy-to-navigate website, with an overhauled site structure to ensure greater visibility and SEO footprint.

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We chose Scaler Marketing after a careful review of our website and business goals. We recognized that we needed a highly informative, easy-to-use website that provides our users the opportunity to learn about our technology and support them throughout their buying process. The Scaler Team took time to understand our complex technology, customer base, and long term goals, producing a high-quality website that's directly impacted our footprint in the biotechnology industry.

Emily Gorski
Marketing Director, RedShiftBio

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