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David Nathan
David Nathan
CEO / Founder
Published on
August 20, 2020

Episode 7 - Handling Adversity

Have you ever heard someone chewing and wanted to pull your hair out? Have you ever lost your job? Gotten sick? Broken up with a loved one?

$#!% happens! It's inevitable. Sometimes it's our fault, and sometimes it's completely out of our control, but we always have a choice in how we react to it.

It's what we do with it that matters. A great quote I heard once was "Men are disturbed not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen."

How do we handle adversity? How can we make sure that the things that happen to us don't break us? Better yet, how can we experience adversity and not only not break, but actually get stronger?

Listen in to this week's episode about handling adversity and please share some of your experiences and strategies with us too.

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