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David Nathan
David Nathan
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Published on
July 14, 2021

Important Features for Corporate Scientific Websites

Corporate B2B Websites

KPM Analytics is an international powerhouse manufacturer of product quality testing equipment. The problem, however, was that their specific brand names were more recognizable than the company itself. This is exactly what they wanted to change.

To do this, we needed to create a central, master website that maintained the reputation, internet footprint and diversity of their brands while also positioning KPM itself as the world leader it already was. Challenge accepted!

A more reputable image

KPM is a world leader, but you wouldn't have known it by simply going to their old website. In addition to the site just being a pain to update, it also did a poor job of featuring the company's products, and demonstrating their industry and world impact.

It became clear to us that there was a story missing from their branding. We wanted to tell the story in a subtle way that did not distract from the focus and value of the actual products. Improved imagery, a vastly superior user experience, and a more visual and emotional story all helped transform the impression that KPM was giving to their website viewers.

A powerful and organized mega drop-down menu

Ease of navigation and user experience were primary drivers in the overall design of the KPM site. The goal was to make it exceptionally easy to find products and information in as few clicks as possible.

A well organized, mega drop-down menu became a clear choice. The challenge with mega menus, though, is they can become very challenging to update, especially with multiple tiers of information like on the KPM site. Fortunately for us, Webflow allowed us to create a fully editable, drop-down mega menu that automatically updates whenever a product is added or removed from their product offering.

Vast yet manageable knowledge center

With such a wide variety of products and services, KPM wanted to make sure that people could easily find what they needed on the site. From products, to brochures, to case studies, to news stories, it all had to be well organized and easy to find.

The new, fully CMS-driven knowledge center and news feed allows for exactly that. In KPM's own words: "Designed to be intuitive but also with cutting-edge search capabilities, the new provides a powerful resource for visitors, with easy access to detailed product information and opportunities to learn about a diverse range of analytical solutions" We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Scientific Instrument Websites

BioDot initially came to us because as an industry leader, their internet presence was severely lacking and they wanted to reposition themselves within their industry with a more modern, compelling and established brand image. Over 80 companies around the world use BioDot's machines to produce Covid tests, accounting for hundreds of millions of tests/year, and now they are able to tell that story and many others with their beautiful and powerful website.

Custom video tells a story

BioDot has two challenges when it comes to visually telling their story. If they focus on their machines then the story is dry, impersonal, and not very visually appealing. On the other hand, if they focus visually on the ways their machines impact the world, then people misunderstand what they do.

The solution turned out to be a combination of both sides. BioDot's machines dispense minuscule droplets, and each droplet is then used to find ways to improve the world. If you think about it, every single drop has its own story, which is why we zoomed in to show exactly what those stories look like by literally putting them inside the droplets.

Fully editable product comparison tables

BioDot wanted to display their products in feature comparison tables. Normally that would be no problem, but you see, we strive to make our sites as easy for our clients to update as humanly possible, and a fully responsive comparison table is a pretty complicated piece of development, especially if you want the client to be able to add new rows and columns without breaking the entire site.

To create these tables, we turned to the Webflow CMS. By creating custom fields and cross referencing them to the cells, BioDot is able to not only fully update their tables, but do it without breaking anything in the process or needing to hire an expensive developer to help them do it.

Biotech Websites

Icaria came to us with one simple request. Make sure nobody else in the industry looks like us! The goal was domination, confidence, voice, character, and more than anything else, a quick, one, two, three, page-load to contact-click user experience. A dark theme really allowed us to bring out their new brand colors and create something truly unique.

Bold and dynamic landing page

When we're told to create something that's never been created before, we get excited. We also get thinking. The challenge with creating new things is finding ways to make sure that people can still understand and relate to them. Simple navigation and a visual story was the name of the game.

A rendered video of a brand colored protein structure rotating in the background and large navigational buttons in the middle of the page gave the Icaria landing page a very dashboard like feel, and easy to navigate site map, and an intriguing energy that makes you want to dig further.

Fun, interactive elements and sections

Two important requests were made: honor some of the industry greats and create a kind of quiz where people can test their knowledge and potentially even learn something new.

Using rendered videos that morph in and out of the faces of famous scientists, we designed a  "name that giant of structure biology" mini game that was used around the site to bring some additional life and engagement to a number of the website's pages.

Life Science Startup Websites

PlateletBio was ready for a new look. After some incredible seed funding and the growth of its team, it was time to show the world what they were really made of. A complete rebrand of the company, and a brand new website with the power to draw you in and lead you on a journey, has given this startup a new foundation to tackle some of the world's biggest problems.

Custom video to pull you in

PlateletBio, as the name implies, works with platelets. So the question became, how do we make it obvious what they do without actually being able to show it to people because it's minuscule in size? Some images were available here and there, but ultimately nothing looked good and we needed to get creative. PlateletBio also really wanted a way to visually pull people into the site.

Since what we needed didn't exist yet, we decide to make it. A custom rendered video of platelet cells floating down an artery gave us a chance to incorporate a bit of the company's branding for overall design and the ability to impact the viewer with a mesmerizing visual effect that pulls you in and peaks your interest at the same time.

Inspiring Careers recruitment page

As a new startup primed for growth, the ability to find and hire top talent is essential. The question is, how do you show people what you are about as an organization and stand out from everyone else saying the same things. PlateletBio is proud of their diverse staff and want to make diversity a leading message in their search for new team members.

To accomplish this we designed an interactive map of the world on the career page with circular pins that represent featured staff members and where they are originally from. Using fun facts and cultural images, PlateletBio was able to bring personality and diversity to its forefront.

Equipment Manufacturer Websites

Some companies stagnate while others innovate. We were honored to launch the new website for Industrial Physics, a world leader in materials testing. This project was a lot of fun in its complexity. The challenges included the organization of a complex web of data and tags, needing the functionality to properly display and filter based on user input and allow for easy and seamless, client-driven updates.

Intuitive filter system and product finder

As a company with 13 brands and hundreds of products, getting people to exactly the right place can be challenging. With dozens of applications spread over a variety of industries and segments, it can get very confusing very quickly if not well organized and easy to use.

Using Jetboost filters within the Webflow dev environment gave us the perfect solution. Conditional filtering and multi variable selection capabilities make the product finder page a joy to use and actually helpful.

A corporate website that's easy to maintain and update

Industrial Physics has plans to grow. That means acquiring new brands and breaking into new industries. This also means their website needs to be fluid and easy to manage. Not being able to make quick, real time changes could be a costly endeavor that is better off avoided.

Challenges like this are often where Webflow really begins to shine. There really is almost no limit to what we can build using the Webflow CMS. Thanks to the wonders of Webflow, and our ability to do amazing things with it, in a matter of minutes Industrial Physics can add an entire new industry with associated brands, segments and applications, distribute those additions throughout the website, and perfectly format them to maintain the responsiveness and design integrity of the site, all without the risk of breaking anything along the way.

Is Your Website In Need Of Repair?

If you have a website that could use some love, a brand that needs to be repositioned, or just some questions about how you can improve your marketing overall, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Scaler Marketing and we'll be happy to walk you through our process and show you how you too can position yourself as an industry leader, assuming that's what you want. And if that's not what you want, don't worry, we can always position you as the under the radar sharp shooter strategically primed to break onto the scene at any moment.

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