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David Nathan
David Nathan
CEO / Founder
Published on
September 4, 2020

What All Marketers Know That You Refuse To Admit

I speak to a lot of other marketers, I've worked with a lot of clients, and I've listened to even more businesses that never became my clients.

One thing is consistent throughout, particularly among the marketers.

It's easier to market someone else than it is to market yourself.

Why is that?? I have 3 reasons for you.

1) Marketing takes a willingness to not be perfect.

Most people are too worried about finding the perfect message that they never do anything.

The less personally invested you are, the easier it is to just say "do this, this, and this." Marketing is 10% creativity, 10% technical knowhow, and 80% execution.

Which leads me to #2.

2) Marketing takes time, effort and consistency.

What is the #1 thing all business owners wish they had more of? Time! (And then money, of course...)

So how can we expect a business owner to take the time to really do their marketing properly when time is exactly what most business owners don't have?

And when they finally do put some time into their marketing, it doesn't work right away anyway, so it's much easier to just say, "I guess it doesn't work" and stop putting the time into it. But that's absolutely the wrong decision.

And here's why.

3) Marketing takes lots and lots of trial and error.

Even the best marketers in the world rarely get it exactly right on the first try.

Effective marketing is not about knowing the exact words to use for any given situation. It's about testing, trying, failing, succeeding, and building off of successes to even bigger successes.

Most businesses don't really understand this which is why they will try something once, and never try it again. They convince themselves that it "just doesn't work" for their specific business.

The same marketing principles have been in use for thousands of year. Click Here to see what today's best marketers and some of our earliest ancestors have in common.

So why do I say all this?

Because I am sitting here in the Atomic Cafe in Beverly, MA, working out my own plans to take Scaler Marketing's marketing to the next level, and I thought other's could benefit from knowing that even marketers have to go through the motions to get their own marketing right.

It's not just not easy, it's actually harder to do market yourself. Even marketers seek outside help, maybe even more than other businesses because they understand how it actually works.

If you're stuck on how to best market yourself or your business, an outside perspective might be just what you need to get things moving.

Even more important than an outside perspective could be an accountability partner to make sure you are doing the things you need to do.

If you'd like to hop on a free branding and marketing strategy call, sign up for one using this link:

Happy Marketing!

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