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David Nathan
David Nathan
CEO / Founder
Published on
September 25, 2020

4 Simple Pieces To A Successful Facebook Campaign

These are the basic components to a successful Facebook Campaign:

1 - Structure/Goal – How do you go from an Ad to a sale?

For example, one of these could be the goal of your campaign:

  • Ad to Purchase – The Ad links straight to a website page where people can pay for a product or service right on the page.
  • Value Exchange for Email – The Ad offers something of value, like free information, or a discount on something, or a free class, etc, and the only way to claim it is to click on the Ad and submit your email address. The sale takes place later with in-person or automated follow-up.
  • General Awareness – The Ad directs people to a website and lets them decide what to do next.

2 - Function – What do you physically (digitally) need for the campaign structure to actually work?

For example:

  • Landing Page – What webpage do people land on when they click the Ad? Does it take payments? Does it ask for an email? Where does the information go once it's submitted?
  • Payment Processor – If you choose to accept payments, you will need a payment processor, like Stripe, or PayPal.
  • Email Collection – If you are requesting emails, you likely will need a place to store them and a way to set up auto-responders. Mailchimp is a popular and free to start tool.
  • Delivery Method – Whatever you are offering, whether it’s a coupon, a ticket, or a product, make sure you have a way to deliver it efficiently.

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3 - Strategy – What makes this campaign compelling and effective?

For example:

  • Offer – Is it attractive enough to get people listening?
  • Ad Copy – What does the Ad say that will grab attention and peak interest?
  • Ad Visual – What image or video will speak most effectively to the right audience?
  • Targeting – Make sure you are showing the Ad to people who will actually care.
  • Landing Page Design – Your anding page must match the rest of the campaign in terms of design and messaging. If it’s not consistent, it will not be as effective.

4 - And finally – Test, Test, Test!

It's not going to work perfectly at first. Sometimes, it doesn't work at all at first, because you need to find the right solution. It's different for every business, every campaign, every audience. So play with it, and don't give up after only $100 of "testing".

With a properly installed pixel, (Follow a plethora of online instructions for how to get the pixel code that FB gives you and install it on your website) you will even have the ability to track the exact success of each Ad.

Try different messages, images, and audiences to see which ones are working the best. The more you test, the more effective your campaign will be.

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