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David Nathan
David Nathan
CEO / Founder
Published on
July 24, 2020

How Much Should A Website Cost?

We get this question all the time!

And the answer is…not so simple. The cost of a great website depends on a lot of factors, and like many things, you really do often get exactly what you pay for, assuming you find a reliable web designer.

Two of the most important factors to consider when looking to hire a web designer are how good you want the website to look, and how well you want it to function. So, to answer your question, I think we need to first ask a different question:

What makes a website great?

A great website is one that effectively accomplishes a goal. This goal could be something like:

  • Growing a mailing list
  • Getting new clients
  • Selling products
  • Finding investments
  • Providing helpful information

How you accomplish that goal can be different in every case, and some goals are by nature harder to accomplish.

When is hiring a professional Web Designer a good idea?

If you fall into one of these categories, you might want to consider what it means to hire a professional web design company.

  • You have a lot of competition and would like to rely more heavily on the internet to grow your business or spread your message.
  • You want to make sure people get the best possible impression when they find you online.
  • Marketing is important to your company and working with other industry experts could help you improve how you market yourself overall.
  • You’ve tried “Do It Yourself” platforms like SquareSpace, Wix and Wordpress, and the limitations just aren’t cutting it anymore.
  • You know exactly what you want your site to accomplish and want to make sure that it performs as well as possible.
  • You are looking for great customer service and access to reliable professional help.

Want to build your own website and follow the exact steps we take our clients through? Click Here for the detailed step by step process.

How much does it cost for great Web Design?

Now that is a question that says you are moving in the right direction. Here’s how we here at Scaler Marketing define great website design:

  • Clean, minimal design with a strategic purpose – All of our websites are built with the #1 purpose of effectively getting site visitors to perform a specific action, depending on the goal of the site.
  • Eye-catching and compelling user experiences – The website should not just be a source of information; it should inspire its viewers to happily take the navigational journey.
  • Custom in every sense of the word – You are unique, your business is unique, why would you want your website to look like anybody else?
  • Responsive design comes first – Mobile phones often make up more than half of all traffic, shouldn't their experience be a top priority?
  • Ease of maintenance – We build our websites using one of the most powerful tools available, Webflow, which allows 100% design flexibility and one of the easiest end user content management systems anywhere in the industry.
  • Strategy, strategy, strategy – Your website needs to serve a purpose and perform a function. Creating the right system and knowing how to make it work takes experience, time and effort.

So if you find yourself looking for awesome Web Design and would like to find out if Scaler Marketing might be a good fit to help you accomplish your Web Design goals, then reach out, don’t be shy at all, and we will be delighted to answer your questions and help point you in the best possible direction for your Web Design needs.

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