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David Nathan
David Nathan
CEO / Founder
Published on
July 31, 2020

More Traffic and Higher Conversions

🌼🌷Anyone else excited that spring is here!?🌞🦋

In honor of the warmer weather let's dig into some hot topics, shall we?

🔥"Need more traffic" and "Conversion rate is too low"🔥

The two top answers to a poll we ran recently.

So why are these two issues so common?

The solution is pretty straightforward, is it not?

  1. Go where your ideal customers are...
  2. Send them to your website...
  3. Show them why they can't live without your product...
  4. And take their money to the bank!


Well, considering these are the two biggest problems most businesses have, something must be going on.

On one hand, people do tend to make it more complicated than they need to.

Plenty of businesses could seriously benefit from just keeping those above 4 steps in mind.

And for everyone else, the profit is in the simple details.

Facebook and Google are the two most popular places to advertise right now, and truth be told, most everyone's ideal customers are most likely there.

Want to learn more about creating an effective Facebook campaign? Click Here for 4 simple steps you can follow.

But, do you really know who your ideal customers are?

When you put $1 into advertising do you know exactly how much you're getting back?

Or does it feel like you are spending a ton of money and hoping that as long as people see your name, eventually the sales will start flooding in?

What aspects of your website have you tested?

Have you tested different headlines?

Have you bought your own products to see how simple the checkout process is?

Have you dug deep into your ideal customer’s psyche to understand their pain and how your products solve it for them?

(And yes, even if you are just selling underwear there’s probably a pain or an emotion you can tap into if you think about it long enough)

There are endless questions we could ask.

There are countless ways to solve these problems.

Does that make it easy? No…

Does that make it hard? No either…

Does it make it only a matter of time?

Well that all depends on your tenacity, grit, creativity, determination and resourcefulness.

My goal is not to make light of this, these are real challenges, and people’s livelihoods are at stake.

My goal is just to say keep going, keep testing, keep reading, hire the right help if you need to, and don’t be afraid to dig deeper, be a little bolder, and keep believing the answers are right in front of your face.

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